Electrical power system stabilizing project aimed at expanding renewable energy in Mongolia

  1. Affordable and Clean Energy
  2. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  3. Climate Action

In 2015, the Mongolian government set a goal to increase the percentage of renewable energy from approximately 20% in 2021 to 30% by 2030. However, the country’s vast land area requires the transmission lines connecting southern renewable energy sources to demand areas to be extremely long, causing difficulties in regulating electric voltage. Additionally, Mongolia has not yet fully established a grid code (GC) that includes regulations and technical requirements for connecting renewable energy facilities to electrical power systems.

Our company established a joint venture with Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. and TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. to aid in planning efforts to address load-dispatch instructions, improve the power transmission and distribution system, and facilitate the growth of renewable energy in power distribution.

With the hope of providing a stable supply of energy worldwide, we are active in every corner of the world.

A group photo with Mongolian Ministry of Energy (MOE) and National Power Transmission Grid State Own Stock Company (NPTG) after the kick-off meeting