Contributing to a carbon neutral society through owner’s engineering services in biomass power generation

  1. Affordable and Clean Energy
  2. Climate Action

Biomass is a fuel derived from the organic material of plants and animals and is considered a renewable energy source for a sustainable society along with solar and wind energy. Governments, municipalities, electricity producers, manufacturers, and trading companies are involved in biomass power generation and are working together to realize a carbon neutral society.

We provide expert technical support through owner’s engineering. As specialists in electrical infrastructure development, we work towards carbon neutrality with our customers by closely attending to them and offering a wide variety of technical support.

A biomass power plant under construction

Tahara City in Aichi Prefecture is promoting the Tahara Eco Garden City Framework. In a related move, Tahara Biomass Power LLC has been constructing a new biomass power plant in the city since February 2022, with our company providing owner’s engineering services. This 75,000-kW power plant will use wood pellets as fuel and is slated for completion in October 2024.