Worldwide Experiences

We have been executing more than 600 consulting service contracts in more than 65 countries and expanding areas and fields of activities. Our wide experiences deepen our know-how and enable to deliver reliable results.

Wide Experiences in Various Countries

Thermal Power

No. Project Country
1 Master Plan for Developing Environmental Friendly Technologies in Iranian Power Sector Iran
2 Study for LNG Value Chain Project Development by Tan Phuoc Model Case Vietnam
3 The Project for Power Development Master Plan in the Republic of Angola Angola
4 Preparatory Survey on Shahid Rajaee Power Plant Construction Project Iran
5 Indramayu Coal Fired Power Plant Project (1000MW) Indonesia
6 Turakurgan Thermal Power Station Constrction Project (450MWx2) Uzbekistan
7 Song Hau 1 Thermal Power Plant Project (600MWx2) Vietnam
8 Muara Jawa Coal Fired Steam Power Plant Project (27.5MWx2) Indonesia
9 Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal-Fired Power Project (600MWx2) Bangladesh
10 Navoi Thermal Power Station Modernization Project (450MW) Uzbekistan
11 Maputo Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant Development Project (100MW) Mozambique
12 Owner's Engineering Services for Malaysia Fast Track Project 3A 1x1,000 MW Coal Fired Power Plant Project Malaysia
13 Nikola Tesla A FGD Construction Project (350MWx4) Serbia
14 Akkaz Power Plant Construction Project (120MWx1) Iraq
15 Manjung Coal Fired Power Plant Project (1000MW) Malaysia
16 Bheramara Combined Cycle Power Station Project (360MW) Bangladesh
17 Thai Binh Thermal Power Project (300MWx2) Vietnam
18 Shimal Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (400MW) Azerbaijan
19 Mussaib Thermal Power Plant Rehabilitation Project (300MWx2) Iraq
20 Omon Thermal Power Plant Construction Project (Unit No.2: 330MW, Unit No.1: 300MW) Vietnam
21 AzDres Thermal Power Plant Rehabilitation Project (300MWx7) Azerbaijan
22 Turceni Thermal Power Plant Pollution Abatement Project (330MWx4) Romania
23 Yerevan Combined Cycle Co-Generation Power Plant Project (205MW) Armenia
24 Tanjung Priok Gas Power Plant Extension Project (720MW) Indonesia
25 Rehabilitation of Gresik Steam Power Plant Units 3 and 4 (200MWx2) Indonesia
26 Muara Tawar Gas Power Plant Extension Project (225MW) Indonesia
27 Muara Karang Gas Power Plant Project (720MW) Indonesia
28 Tuank Jaafar Power Station Rehabilitation Project (Phase II:750MW, Phase I:750MW) Malaysia
29 Consultnacy Services Shanxi Wangqu Thermal Power Plant Construction Project (600MW) China


No. Project Country
1 Consulting Services for Updates of Feasibility Studies of Small Hydropower Plants in Eastern Indonesia Indonesia
2 The Project on Power System Master Plan 2040 Bhutan
3 Potential Survey of Seawater PSPP Saudi Arabia
4 Preparatory Survey on Umiam Umtru Stage III Power Station Renovation Project India
5 Engineering Consultancy Services for Nenggiri Hydroelectric Project (300MW) Malaysia
6 Advisory Consultancy Services for Bac Me Hydroelectric Power Project (22.5MWx2) Vietnam
7 Extension on Tedzani Hydroelectric Power Project (18MW) Malawi
8 Tekai Hydroelectric Power Project (168MW) Malaysia
9 Preparatory Survey on the Project for Adjustable Speed Type Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction Turkey
10 Telom Hydroelectric Project - Feasibility Study Engineering Services Malaysia
11 The Project for the Effective and Ef?cient Use of Renewable Energy Resources in Power Supply in Republic of Fiji Fiji
12 Preparatory Survey for Bakaru Hydroelectric Power Plant Rehabilitation and Extension Project (126 MW) Indonesia
13 Consulting Services for Ta Thang Hydroelectric Power Project (60MW) Vietnam
14 The Engineering Services for Peusangan 1 & 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction Project (22MWx2, 21MWx2) Indonesia
15 Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project Malaysia
16 Feasibility Study for Sharmai Hydropower Project (115MW) Pakistan
17 Renovation and Modernization Works of Umiam Stage II Hydro Electric Power Plant and Capacity Building (9MWx2) India
18 Feasibility Study for Lower Stung Russei Chrum Hydro Power Project (123MW, 92MW) Cambodia
19 Feasibility Study on Thac Mo Hydropower Station Extension Project (75MW) Vietnam
20 Shanxi Xilongchi Pumped Storage Project (300MWx4) China
21 Kaptai Hydroelectric Power Extension Project (50MWx2) Bangladesh
22 Dong Nai No.3 and No.4 Hydropower Project (240MW, 270MW) Vietnam
23 Sipansihaporas Hydropower Plant Project (33MWx1, 17MWx1) Indonesia
24 Kotapanjang Hydropower and Associated Transmission Line Project (114MW) Indonesia

Transmission and Distribution

No. Project Country
1 Odisha Transmission System Improvement Project India
2 The Study on Power Network System Master Plan Laos
3 Dhaka-Chittagong Main Power Grid Strengthening (Matarbari-Magunaghat-Meghnaghat) Project Bangladesh
4 Chimuara-Nacala Transmission Line Project Mozambique
5 Consultant Services for Electricity Distribution System Improvement Project Egypt
6 The Project on Electricity Sector Master Plan Study Sri Lanka
7 Phonom Penh City Transmission Line and Distribution System Construction Expansion Project Cambodia
8 Urgent Rehabilitation and Upgrade Project Phase1 Myanmar
9 National Power Transmission Network Development Project Phase1 Myanmar
10 Submarine Cable Project from Pulau Langkawi to Pulau Tuba Malaysia
11 The Preparatory Survey on Project for Reinforcement of Transmission Network in Nacala Corridor Mozambique
12 Greater Colombo Transmission & Distribution Loss Reduction Project Sri Lanka
13 National Power Transmission Network Development Project Bangladesh
14 Habarana - Veyangoda Transmission Line Project Sri Lanka
15 Project for Improvement of Transmission System Operation and Maintenance (Loan account technical assistance) Cambodia
16 The Preparatory Survey on Introduction of Smart Grid Project in Curitiba Metropolitan Area Brazil
17 Consulting Services for Engineering Design and Construction Supervision for Southern Region Power System Development Project Laos
18 Preparatory Survey for Phnom Penh Transmission Line and Distribution System Construction Project Cambodia
19 Energy Control System Upgrading Project in Upper Egypt Egypt
20 Electricity Sector Reconstruction Project Iraq
21 Colombo City Electricity Distribution Development Project Sri Lanka
22 Baghabari - Serajganj - Bogra 230kV Transmission Line Project Bangladesh
23 500kV Cairo - Alexandria Transmission System Project Egypt
24 230kV Underground Transmission Line between Bangkapi and Chidlom Thailand
25 O Mon Thermal Power Plant and Mekong Delta 220/110kV Transmission Network Project Vietnam

Renewable Energy

No. Project Country
1 Consultancy Services for the Hong Phong Solar Power Project Vietnam
2 Data Collection Survey on Power Sector in Espiritu Santo in Republic of Vanuatu Vanuatu
3 Mini-Hydro Power Project in the Province of Ifugao Philippines
4 Mini-Hydropower Project in the Province of Isabela Philippines
5 Mini-Hydropower Development Project in Phongsaly Province(450kW) Laos
6 Data Collection Survey on Small Hydropower Development in Chui Oblast, Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyzstan
7 The Preparatory Survey for Mini-Hydropower Development Project in Lao People's Democratic Republic Laos
8 Republic of the Philippines Preparatory Survey for Mini-Hydropower Development Project in the Philippines Philippines
9 Preparatory Survey on the Photovoltaic Power plant Project in Egypt Egypt
10 Special Assistance for Project Formation (SAPROF) of Study for Gulf El Zyat Wind Power Plant Project Egypt
11 Hydropower Renewable Energy Development Project in Wailoa Down Stream Fiji
12 Pilot Study of Project Formation for Power Development Project Utilizing Renewable Energy in Rural Area Bangladesh
13 Gharo Area Wind Power Project (50MW) Pakistan
14 Northern Luzon Wind Power Project Philippines
15 Consulting Services for Pedu Mini Hydropower Project (10MW) Malaysia
16 220MW Wind Farm Project in West Coast of Red Sea (Gabal El Zayt Wind Farm) Egypt
17 Rural Revitalization Project Study on the Conservation of Ifugao Rice Terraces Field (World Heritage) Philippines
18 Special Assistance for Project Formation of Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Tunisia
19 Touahar Wind Power Project (60MW) Morocco
20 Nubenta Wind Power Plant Project (80MW) Philippines
21 Zafarana Wind Power Plant Project (120MW) Egypt
22 Environment Improvement and Pollution Prevention by Effective Recycling of Industrial and Domestic Waste Vietnam
23 The Demonstrative Research Project on Dispersed Power Generation Systems (Photovoltaic and Micro Hydro) Cambodia
24 Environmental Improvement and Social Development by Using Renewable Energy Indonesia
25 Rural Electrification in Malawi Malawi
26 Electrification by Utilization of Renewable Energy in Rural Areas Indonesia