Working towards a work environment that cultivates active role engagement for our employees


At TEPSCO, we continually strive to create a work environment that nurtures a work-life balance for our employees, recognizing that each individual has their own way of working and their own way of living. The lives of each and every one of our employees are at the forefront of our goal for workstyle reforms, as well as creating an environment that cultivates active role engagement of female members.

〇Supporting diverse workstyles
We are putting our effort into creating a work environment where a diverse workforce can work and play an active role.
・TEPSCO has been recognized by the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare as an organization that proactively supports work-life balance and childcare, and therefore received the Kurumin certification.
▷Provision of paternity leave
▷Enhanced employment system for senior employees into active roles

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Open-house events are held in the company to allow family members to observe the work they do, promoting understanding of their jobs and their work environment.

〇Promoting a new work style; Activity Based Working (ABW)
The spread of COVID-19 meant swift re-evaluations and changes were needed to working hours and workplace in the form of remote work. Due to the wide implementation of remote work and the use of ICT, ABW, employees are able to choose their own work environment.


〇Increasing job satisfaction (staff retention and engagement)
The understanding and cooperation of family members are essential for positive output at work. To encourage and support a good work-life balance, we uphold the importance of time set aside for personal life such as family and hobbies. Various systems have been implemented to realize this, such as hybrid working, expansion of flexitime working system, and 'No Overtime Days'.

〇Pushing to further drive active role engagement of female members in the workforce
We aim to be an organization that ensures female employees have active roles in the company and that they can carry out those roles with few barriers, cultivating personal growth. To do so, we are putting efforts into increasing the number of female employees and encouraging more female candidates as well as actual take up of managerial positions.
・Guidelines have been set and training is provided to recruitment staff on eliminating gender discrimination throughout screening and selection processes
・Seminars are given to students regarding being in the workforce as a female member
・Round-table discussions are held with current female employees for new recruits prior to their start so that they may learn and understand the various facets of being in the workforce as a female member, such as needs, challenges, provisions etc.
・Information on the facets of being a female member in the workforce is spread through means such as our company homepage
・Adjusting the work environment to allow female employees to easily and freely seek consultations
・Supporting employees' career planning and development, encouraging self-autonomy in what they want to do, etc.