Renewable Energy

Environmental conservation and countermeasures to global warming are critical for the future of our beautiful planet and each of its living creatures. In this regard, the use of renewable energy is essential.

TEPSCO is proactively advancing new technologies in the field of renewable energy sources like solar, wind , and small hydropower to harmonize society with the natural environment and economic growth. Through TEPSCO’s accumulated technologies and business experiences gained from power infrastructure projects (including civil engineering, construction, electricity, and machinery projects), we can offer total support for power generation using renewable energy sources from planning, investigations, and designs, through to construction supervision, and operations and maintenance.


  • Feasibility Study
  • Planning of Regional Development
  • Technical Assistance
  • Policy Studies
  • Operations Studies
  • Technical Studies
  • Training and Transfer of Technology
  • Supervision/Inspection of Equipment Installation
  • Financial Studies
  • Environmental Studies