Our Staff and Certified Engineers

Breakdown of Our Staff (As of July, 2019)

Whole company 839
Staff Engaged in Overseas Projects 199

Our Certified Engineers (As of July, 2019)

Doctor (PhD) of Engineering 36
Doctor (PhD) of Science 1
Doctor (PhD) of Philosophy 1
Professional Engineer (PE-J) 144
Registered Professional Engineer (PE-US) 6
Registered Civil Consulting Engineering Manager (RCCM) 17
Authorized Chief Concrete Engineer 6
Concrete Diagnosis and Maintenance Engineer 24
Steel Infrastructure Diagnosis Engineer 2
1st Class Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer 31
1st Class Plumbing Work Operation and Management Engineer 5
Certified Surveyor 9
Structural Design 1st Class Architect 27
Building Facility Design 1st Class Architect 3
1st Class Architect 60
Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineer 8
1st Class Building Operation and Management Engineer 2
1st Class Electric Chief Engineer 22
Chief Transmission and Switching Engineer 5
1st Class Electrical Work Operation and Management Engineer 24
Qualified Person for Energy Management 40
Chief Engineer of Reactors 3
1st Class Radiation Protection Supervisor 2