A Message from TEPSCO

                  President     Yasuhiro KUBO

Since our establishment in 1960, we, Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. (TEPSCO), has been actively doing business domestically and internationally. Our main business is electric power services consulting in the fields of civil, architectural, power systems and mechanical engineering.

TEPSCO, as a group company of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO), is equipped with highly talented engineers (including specialists in civil, architectural, power, mechanical, and IT engineering). This enables us to tackle a wide-range technical issues, which we have used to good effect in implementing a variety of engineering services on power generation, supply and transformer projects. By fully utilizing such specialties, TEPSCO has, for more than half-a-century, been providing top quality services to infrastructure clients domestically and internationally including power utilities, overseas ODA and private businesses.

At present, we are in the middle of a seismic societal change due to COVID19, whilst also undergoing significant changes with the swift progression of the carbon-neutrality and digital transformation (DX) trends. Even in the domestic energy field, it is still important to keep a stable supply of electricity, but the trend to more use of renewable energy (such as wind and solar power) has been rapid accelerating along with the diversification of energy supplies. In addition, as natural disasters caused by earthquakes and heavy rain are becoming more frequent and severe and as the social infrastructure constructed during Japan's "high economic growth period" degrades, the business environment and structures surrounding us are completely changing and bringing new opportunities.

In this "age of transformation", we, TEPSCO, not only in Japan but worldwide, will harness this change not only as an opportunity to find solutions to difficult problems but also to advance and develop positively. We intend to utilize this to not just meet but also exceed our clients' expectations and also to keep contributing to society.

Our corporate mission is "Engineering for the NEXT." This means: "Cultivating tomorrow for ourselves by utilizing our collective abilities." Basically, we will always be with our clients to meet and exceed their expectations by providing a full project cycle of services. At the same time, as a member of global society, TEPSCO conducts its business activities in consideration of the ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria. Thus, through providing top quality services we aim to proactively contribute to the United Nations-mandated SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

We will make every effort to forge new opportunities to work with existing and new clients and also to hear our clients say, "We want to work with TEPSCO again."

We look forward to working with and for you in the near future.

Yasuhiro KUBO, President