A Message from the Chairman

President Tamio MASUDA

It's now over 50 years since TEPSCO was established in 1960 as an affiliate of current Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated. (TEPCO) one of the world's largest energy utilities. In this time we've contributed positively to Japan and elsewhere with our engineering expertise.
Our 700 plus professionals have wide-ranging skills in electrical, mechanical, civil, and architectural engineering ; nuclear power; seismic analysis; and the environment.

Recently, the global economy and energy industry have undergone great change. In Japan the "Feed in Tariff'' program was introduced to promote renewable energy and decrease nuclear power dependence; disaster prevention and aging infrastructure are other concerns. Many developing countries have emerged globally and now face growing demands for power, energy, and infrastructure.
To accommodate this expanding global economy, we need to formulate new solutions under heightened energy supply and environmental constraints.

Given these circumstances, TEPSCO is keen to contribute to global society. In particular, we're able to support our clients with wide-ranging and lifelong engineering services. From working closely over many decades with TEPCO we've acquired significant expertise on the lifecycle of power facilities, which we put to use in serving our clients worldwide.

To this end, in 2013 TEPSCO launched its new corporate mission Engineering for the NEXT. This encourages our expert team of professionals to cooperate closely in working effectively in new arenas. We're a reliable partner for our clients and our priority is to exceed their expectations.