TEPSCO Anti-Bribery Policy

  • 1Basic Policy
  • Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. (TEPSCO), a group company of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO), are committed to maintaining fairness and acting ethically in every aspect of corporate activities in accordance with the TEPCO Group Charter on Corporate Behavior in order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

    Based on the above TEPCO Group Charter, we published the Code of Conduct for Compliance with Corporate Ethics, which declares compliance with the rules and impartial activities. We will comply with anti-bribery laws, (whether they are) domestic or foreign, including the Unfair Competition Prevention Act of Japan, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the UK Bribery Act.

    In addition, through the design and operation of internal control systems, we will eradicate the offering and accepting of bribes.

  • 2Anti-Bribery Plan and Actions
  • (1) Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    All directors, officers, and employees will comply with the applicable anti-bribery laws and regulations in the course of business.

    (2) Prohibition against Offering Bribes

    No director, officer, or employee will offer bribes nor any other illegal profit to public officials directly or indirectly, domestic, or foreign.

    (3) Prohibition of Acceptance of Bribes

    No director, officer, or employee will accept or request bribes or any other illegal profit directly or indirectly.

    (4) Requests by Public Officials

    No director, officer, or employee will comply with requests that may be considered providing bribes, facilitation payments, or other illegal profit from public officials.

    (5) Internal Hotline System

    We have established an internal hotline system in order to detect problems at an early stage. In operating this system, we prohibit the identification of whistleblowers and any disadvantageous treatment and seek to make the internal hotline system effective.

    (6) Due Diligence

    We will apply adequate due diligence procedures to avoid unfair relationships when outsourcing business, forming joint ventures, and exercising mergers and acquisitions.

    (7) Internal Audit

    We will monitor the anti-bribery system and its implementation, and regularly check on compliance with anti-bribery laws and internal regulations.

    (8) Education and Training

    We will provide education and training for all directors, officers, and employees to improve awareness of anti-bribery laws.

    (9) Disciplinary Measure

    We will strictly impose disciplinary measures in the event that a director, officer, or employee violates anti-bribery laws or internal regulations.

    (10) Retention of Records

    We will retain approval records, accounting records, and other internal records in order to ensure the transparency of treatment of public officials.

    October 1, 2020

    Shotaro Okawara  , President
    Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd.