The Republic of Azerbaijan
Electric Power Development Master Plan for the Green Energy Zone (GEZ) Project
Contract Execution

May 17,2021

Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd.

With regard to the Electric Power Development Master Plan for the Green Energy Zone ("GEZ") project ("Project"), the Project contract was executed between Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Koto Ward, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Shotaro OKAWARA; "TEPSCO") and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan ("MOE") on May 6, 2021. Also, TEPSCO is very pleased to announce that the Project implementation will commence from today.

The GEZ is to be situated in the newly liberated area, and the Azerbaijani government wants to supply electricity to the area mainly by renewable energy with the aim of forming a carbon-free economic society.

In order to realize the concept of the Azerbaijani government, TEPSCO will investigate the potential of renewable energy (hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, etc.) in the GEZ region and formulate a power development plan, transmission plan, and power supply and demand plan. Then, we shall propose a master plan for power supply to the GEZ using renewable energy.

Furthermore, TEPSCO will consider applying Japan's cutting-edge technology and know-how from the electric power field, such as promoting energy saving by introducing smart meters, proposing smart city concepts, and utilizing storage battery systems in the master plan. Based on this, the Azerbaijani government intends to formulate a future power supply plan in the liberated area. President Aliyev, who also aims to build a carbon-free economic society, has high expectations for TEPSCO's advanced technological capabilities, knowledge, experience, and know-how in implementing the Project.

As a member of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Group (Japan's largest and one of Asia's largest electric power utility companies), we have provided a wide range of electric power consulting services mainly to developing countries in Asia and Africa. Even in Azerbaijan, which aims to not only develop its economy but also build a carbon-free society after the recent conflict, TEPSCO will make good use of its abundant experience and know-how to help Azerbaijan to establish a stable power supply for its future.

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